Orange belt (8th Gup) to Orange belt/one stripe (7th Gup)

1. Forms:
Basic Form 1 to 3

2. Hand Techniques: 

Low Block, Inside-outside block, High Block (with back stance)
Side punch with horse stance

3. Kick Techniques: 

Front Stretch kick, Front snap kick, Round house kick 
(with skip jump)

4. Target kick: 

Front snap kick - skip jump front snap kick,
Round house kick - skip jump round house kick,
Round house kick - skip jump side kick

5. One step sparring: 
Adult: A Hand Technique: Nos. 1 to 6
Children: Long distance sparring technique: Nos. 1 to 4

6. Breaking: 

Men: Reverse Punch
Women: Palm Strike
Children: Overhead Knife hand

7. Free Sparring: 
No Contact - Good control techniques

8. Oral test: ( * Adult & Children )

*Count 1-10 in Korean 
1:Hah-Nah  2:Dool  3:Set  4:Net  5:Tah-Sot 
6:Yo-Sot  7:IL-Gop  8:Yo-Dol  9:Ah-Hop  10:Yol

Adult: C.T.F student rules 7 to 10 

7. Students must obey & respect Instructor.
8. Maintain proper posture at all time 
(No hands on hips & no arms crossed inside Doh Jahng)
9. You must have permission from your instructor to participate in any tournament.
10. Never use drugs.

Children: Home rules: No. 1 to 6

1. Be obedient to their parents.
2. Respect parents, family members, teacher and peers.
3. Appreciate their parents and teacher.
4. Do their homework and not rely on their parents.
5. Don’t lie and don’t say bad words.
6. Always keep themselves clean.

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